Doug Makaroff has 23 years experience as an urban planner and real estate developer, primarily focusing on applying the principles of Ecological Sustainability and New Urbanism to highly marketable real estate projects.

His consulting company, Living Forest Planning Consultants Ltd., is the Development Manager for the Partnership developing Elkington Forest as a conservation community.

From 1991 to the present, his urban planning consulting firm has been serving public and private clients on Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland. During this time, Doug has been responsible for a wide variety of planning studies, including the creation of urban tree preservation bylaws, comprehensive land use bylaws, development permit guidelines and official community plans.

From 2003 to mid-2006, Doug was the Vice President of Planning and Permitting for the Loreto Bay Company, a $500M sustainable resort project located on the Baja Peninsula.

In his capacity as President and CEO of Living Forest Communities, Doug is responsible for the overall success of the Elkington Forest project. He is committed to establishing this innovative conservation community by utilizing tested and proven economic and environmental principles.