Our Vision


The Trust for Sustainable Foresty – How the Vision began

The story begins with a Canadian registered charity called The Trust for Sustainable Forestry, founded by a group of individuals passionate about the forest, the gifts it provides and the values it bestows.

From modest beginnings on Cortes Island, British Columbia the Trust has grown through contributions and support from universities, companies, NGOs and individuals who believe in its vision.  For the Trust believes that forest conservation is best achieved when human beings make their home in the forest itself, and live in harmony with the forest’s eco-system. Through the promotion of ecosystem-based forest management and light-on-the-land “conservation communities”, the Trust seeks to restore balance to the natural world.

The Trust is motivated to inspire and enable the growth of ecosystem-based forestry on land which would otherwise be subject to industrial deforestation.  A new kind of forestry is urgently needed, as forests continue to be destroyed at an unrelenting rate.  Healthy forests not only regulate our climate; they also clean our air, our water, our soil and provide many other ecological goods and services.

The Trust has risen to the challenge of forest conservation through the adoption of the following strategies:

  • Acquire forested land suitable for ecosystem based forestry
  • Acquire forestry rights on suitable forested land
  • Develop and register suitable ecosystem-based forestry covenants
  • Support the education and training of persons in ecosystem-based forestry practices
  • Support research on the environmental, technical, and economic aspects of the conservation community model
  • Collaborate with conservation organizations to ensure that rigorous eco-forestry covenants are being upheld
  • Collaborate with individuals and organizations committed to ecosystem based forestry for mutual assistance, collective problem solving and dissemination of knowledge.

The Trust’s initial conservation community is called Everwood, a 150-acre eco-forest community on Cortes Island, with 15 home sites, an active timber mill, some organic gardening, and almost 94% of the forest remaining in sustainable eco-forestry.

To find out how you can get involved in supporting or creating a conservation community, please contact us or visit our “Get Involved” page.

Healthy forests make for a healthy world.